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Does V have a girlfriend?

Does BTS’ V have a girlfriend? Currently, V officially is single — at least, that’s what V’s managers have indicated in the past. So in terms of the “straight” story, it seems like he’s very much on the market. But some fans had wondered in the past if he might instead be dating a BTS fan named Hi.

Is G-Dragon in a relationship?

BIGBANG G-Dragon’s Relationship Status Revealed The South Korean entertainment publication reported that the two idols have been together for a year already. Things got more interesting when Dispatch released snaps of G-Dragon and Jennie before and after their, alleged, private dates.

Where is G-Dragon now 2020?

G-Dragon now has a penthouse suite in a posh residential area of Seoul with some of the highest prices in Korea, where many fellow celebrities, business leaders and politicians live.

How old was g-dragon when he enlisted?

Hordes of fans waited outside army headquarters in Yongin, southeast of Seoul, to greet the 31-year-old Big Bang rapper, who emerged early on Saturday morning wearing a military uniform and beret. “I’m back after serving military service well.

Who is Jennie boyfriend?

Jennie is the only member of BLACKPINK to have a confirmed relationship while in the band. The rapper and singer dated EXO’s Kai from October 2018 to January 2019. SM Entertainment, EXO’s management company, confirmed the couple’s relationship in December 2018 after the two were photographed on a date together.

Who is Lisa crush?

BLACKPINK recently appeared on the comic show Knowing Brothers and Lisa from the group revealed her crush on Gong Yoo. Watch the clip from their appearance below. BLACKPINK member Lisa was never shy about showing her love for actor Gong Yoo, as in the past, she revealed that he’s her ideal type.

Can I marry Jimin?

Jimin. Jimin smiled adorably when fans asked to marry him during a live. He said he’ll have to ask both his parents for permission before he ties the knot.

Who got kicked out of BTS?


Did any member of BTS die?

His final album, Poet | Artist, was released posthumously on January 23, 2018….Kim Jong-hyun (singer)

Kim Jong-hyun
Died December 18, 2017 (aged 27) Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam district, Seoul
Cause of death Suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning

Why is V secret weapon?

He was in the lineup, but was kept a secret to attract more attention when he would be revealed. When he was revealed a little before the debut, so many personal V fansites were created. SO it was just a strategy planned by BigHit, most likely.

Why is V always late in Bon Voyage?

V’s Grandfather passed away that’s why V was not present in the first few episodes of Bon voyage. He came after the funeral. He also broke down in tears (Ep#4). Members came down to check on him.

Why is V late in Malta?

Shortly before filming began for Season 3 of BTS’s travel-reality show, V’s grandfather passed away. As such, V did not join his members for their Malta vacation until shortly after his grandfather’s funeral. As if this wasn’t touching enough, Jimin affectionately called V “내 새끼”, “my baby”, on his way over to him.