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What languages are derived from Chinese?

What languages are derived from Chinese?

Mandarin, including Standard Chinese, Pekingese, Sichuanese, and also the Dungan language spoken in Central Asia. Wu, including Shanghainese, Suzhounese, and Wenzhounese. Gan. Xiang.

How many languages does China have?


Which Chinese is most spoken?


What is the hardest Chinese dialect to learn?


What are the top 5 dialects of China?

Top 7 Chinese Dialects and Where They’re Spoken

  1. Mandarin Chinese Dialect (Putonghua)
  2. Cantonese Chinese Dialect (Yue)
  3. Wu Chinese Dialect (Shanghainese)
  4. Hokkien Chinese Dialect (Minnan)
  5. Xiang Chinese Dialect (Hsiang)
  6. Gan Chinese Dialect.
  7. Hakka Chinese Dialect.

What is the rarest Chinese dialect?


Which South Indian language is easy?

Among whole indo-aryan group,Marathi speaking person will easily learn south indian language,especially Kannada & after that Telugu. Because,Marathi is more similar to Kannada than Telugu. Tamil will be the most difficult language because it is least influenced by Sanskrit.

Which is the easiest foreign language to learn in India?

Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese are the most straightforward language to acquire for Indians if we compare them with French, German, or Russian. According to the FSI study, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic are some of the hardest languages to master.

Which language is easy Tamil or Hindi?

Hindi is related to English, while Tamil and Malayalam are not, so Hindi is the easiest of the three for an English speaker to learn. Bengali has more noun cases than Hindi, but it’s also related to English, so it’d still be easier than Tamil or Malayalam.

Which language is easy English or Hindi?

In a nutshell, learning Hindi can be very hard. It is more difficult for a native English speaker to learn Hindi than most other languages. The enunciation is vastly different with similar sounding words and subtle differences. The cadence and tone of the speech need extra consideration.

Which foreign language is similar to Tamil?

Dravidian languages, a family of about 23 languages that includes languages like Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, are unrelated to any other known language family and are spoken mostly in South India.

Which language is easy for Tamil speakers?

The easiest is Malayalam, I would say. I live in Coimbatore and can speak Malayalam easily with the help of my friends. It’s the toughest language but not for Tamils. The second easiest is Kannada.

Is Tamil the oldest language in the world?

A recorded Tamil literature has been documented for over 2000 years. The earliest period of Tamil literature, Sangam literature, is dated from ca. 300 BC – AD 300. It has the oldest extant literature among Dravidian languages….Tamil language.

Early forms Old Tamil Middle Tamil

What is the hardest part of learning French?


What is difficult about French?

French pronunciation can seem difficult at first. Like English, there are a lot of silent letters. Nouns can be pronounced differently depending on whether they are masculine or feminine. Similarly, there are several rules for French pronunciation that can drive English speakers mad.

Can you live in Paris without speaking French?

In Paris you may speak your native tongue at home, at work and with your friends, but if you don’t speak French, you definitely need to speak English. However most will be able to muddle through the transaction with you in at least basic, and sometimes very good, English.