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What was REM biggest hit?

What was REM biggest hit?

Readers Poll: The 10 Best R.E.M. Songs

  • ‘Everybody Hurts’
  • ‘Man on the Moon’
  • ‘It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)’
  • ‘Fall On Me’
  • ‘Drive’
  • ‘Radio Free Europe’
  • ‘Driver 8’
  • ‘The One I Love’ R.E.M.’s career took a dramatic shift in 1987 when “The One I Love” came out.

Is Michael Stipe married?


Who is the richest rock star in the world?

Paul McCartney’s

Is Michael Stipe religious?

R.E.M. Tackles Songs of Faith and Revenge : NPR. R.E.M. Tackles Songs of Faith and Revenge R.E.M. isn’t exactly religious, but spiritual themes do creep into its music. Singer Michael Stipe says he comes from a “place of faith,” and that generations of men in the Stipe family have been Methodist ministers.

What age is Michael Stipe?

61 years (January 4, 1960)

Who left REM?

drummer Bill Berry

Where is Michael Stipe now?

Last October, Stipe released his first solo song, Your Capricious Soul, with proceeds going to Extinction Rebellion; he has just released another, Drive To The Ocean, via his website. Stipe lives with his partner, Thomas Dozol, in New York and Berlin.

Does Michael Stipe play instruments?

I wrote melodies and I tend to write along to other people’s music. That’s what I’ve done most of my career as a musician,” Stipe told Salon. Though Stipe said he “can’t play an instrument to save my life”, he played keyboards and percussion on the recording.

Is Natalie Merchant married?

Daniel de la Callem. 2003–2012

Who is Natalie Merchant dating?

Michael Stipe

Why did Natalie Merchant leave 10000?

One of the reasons Natalie left the band was that she despised the name 10,000 Maniacs so much.” It’s more like how the band used to sound before we were signed.” A founding member of 10,000 Maniacs, Lombardo left just before the release of the band’s first major-label album, 1986’s “The Wishing Chair.”

How tall is Natalie Merchant?

5′ 1″

How old is Natalie Merchant?

57 years (October 26, 1963)

Where do Rem come from?

Athens, GA

Is Natalie Merchant Native American?

Is Italian, Irish, and Native American. Her father’s original Italian family name was “Mercante,” but it was Americanized into “Merchant,” Her mother’s side is Irish — O’Neill or O’Neal or O’Shea — and Native American.

Did Natalie Merchant date Michael Stipe?

Personal life. In 1983, Stipe met fellow musician Natalie Merchant of the band 10,000 Maniacs; the two started a friendship, and eventually had a romantic relationship for a period of time.

Who is Michael Stipes partner?

Thomas Dozol

Did Natalie Merchant know River Phoenix?

Merchant dedicated the song “River” to her acquaintance, the promising young film actor River Phoenix, who died of a drug overdose in 1993.

Is Natalie Merchant still with 10000 Maniacs?

10,000 Maniacs is an American alternative rock band that was founded in 1981. They have released nine studio albums, six EPs and five live albums. After the recording but before the release of MTV Unplugged, original lead singer and main songwriter Natalie Merchant left the band to pursue a solo career.

Where does Natalie Merchant live now?

Natalie Merchant, famed as the frontwoman for 10,000 Maniacs and now a solo artist, has lived in the Hudson Valley for the last 25 of her 50 years, first in Dutchess and now in Ulster County, with a short stint in Spain with her former husband.

Where did Natalie Merchant go to college?

Jamestown Community College

Who is Natalie Merchant guitarist?

Jennifer Turner (musician)

Jennifer “Jen” Turner
Genres Alternative rock Indie rock
Instruments Guitar, bass, vocals,
Years active 1991–Present
Associated acts Natalie Merchant, Furslide, Inner, Joseph Arthur and the Lonely Astronauts, Here we go magic, Julian Casablancas, Thrillionaire, Exclamation Pony, High Desert Fires

What band was Natalie Merchant in?

10,000 Maniacs1981 – 1993

Does Natalie Merchant write her own songs?

Merchant wrote her own lyrics — about topics like utopian communes, faith healing and the daze of materialism — on albums of thoughtful yet somehow million-selling folk-pop. But for “Leave Your Sleep,” Ms.

Who is the current lead singer for 10000 Maniacs?

Natalie Merchant